Steel Craft Elevation Front Bumper


The Steel Craft Elevation front bumper comes in a textured black powder coat finish. It comes with bracketry, nuts, bolts, instructions, & a 2 year warranty. It is built out of 10 Gauge steel. It really gives your truck the heavy duty protection, along with that sporty off road 4x4 look. This bumper is bolt -on, and requires no drilling to install. It is built to accommodate the factory fog lights, & tow hooks.. It is pictured with a 20" light bar mounted in it. Although not included, it will accommodate a 20" double row light bar, but not all 20" light bars will work without modification. The distance between the brackets is 22 1/2". If you are not planning on installing a light bar, the hole is covered with wire mesh. It also comes with the mounting hardware. It will NOT accommodate winch. It has plugs for the front park assist sensor holes if your truck does not have sensors. 

If your 2015 & newer truck is equipped with front park assist sensors (please read): It has holes for the front park assist sensors, but when installed the sensors will pick up the bumper & not work correctly. They will need to be turned off from inside the truck. For the sensors to fit in the holes, the wires that run between the sensors will need to be cut & extended. The batteries must be disconnected before working on the sensors, or you will have to go to the dealer to get the service park assist message turned off.