Steel Craft Elevation Smooth Plate Rear Bumper

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You are looking at a brand new heavy duty Steel Craft Elevation Series rear bumper. It is a smooth plate bumper. It is finished in textured black powder coat. It is built out of 10 Gauge steel. It really gives your truck the heavy duty protection, along with that sporty off road 4x4 look. They have a textured black powder coat finish. They are built to match the contoured lines on your vehicle. These things look great. These bumpers are all bolt -on, and require no drilling to install. There are extra steps made into the side. The bumper is designed to work with the factory tow hitch, 7 way plug, & park assist sensors if needed. If you don't have the sensors, it comes with stoppers for the holes. If you have a brake light under the tailgate on your truck that will need to be removed. Although pictured with reverse lights installed in it, It does not come with those lights. They would need to be purchased separately. There is wire mesh welded over the light holes. This bumper is not meant to be pulled off of. 

This will not affect your reverse camera as it is mounted in the tailgate handle. It does not have the mount for the extra trailer camera plug that is a factory add on some of the trucks. 

Although pictured with 4, it does have 6 sensors holes in it. If you don't have 6 sensors, it comes with plugs for whatever holes you don't use.