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The Pipe Force Series Rear Bumper Replacements are the perfect mesh of style & strength for on & off road use.

The smooth plate pipe rear bumpers are made with heavy duty mounting brackets that are designed to attach directly to your vehicle’s frame or hitch & work with your vehicle’s factory receiver hitch.

Pipe Force Series Product Specs

Part # HDF21370

-Finish: Black Textured Powder Coat

-1 year powder coat warranty.

-Comes with Install Instructions, Nuts, & Bolts

-Works with factory rear park assist sensors.

-Works with factory receiver hitch.

-Has a hole for your factory 7 way trailer plug.

-Comes with 1 Tag Light

-Has holes on each side of the step box for additional lighting. The holes are 2 ¼” wide with mesh welded in them. There is a tab for a single pedestal type mount light. It does not come with the lights to go in these holes.

-Weight 131 lbs

-Shipping Dimensions 79” x 22” x 12”


-Will not work on a truck that has a body lift kit installed.

-This bumper does stick out quite a ways further than a factory rear bumper in the center. Depending on your setup, you may have to get a longer ball mount or some type of extension to plug into your receiver.

Construction Materials  
Main 4.5” Pipe Schedule 40
Smooth Plate 10 gauge
Brackets 7/16”

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