Q: Are all the parts listed in the website in stock at our location?
A: Although we do stock some of the more popular items here at our shop, we do not have the majority of it here. Contact us before driving out to confirm an item you want to look at is available.
Q: Can items be picked up to save shipping?
A: Most of the time items can be picked up to save shipping, but on some brands the parts are drop shipped from the mfg when not available local. In this case, you would have to pay shipping even if you picked them up here.  
Q: Can items be combined to save on shipping costs?
A: When possible items can be combined to save on shipping. 
Q: Can new purchased items be returned?
A: New, Unused, Unopened items can be returned. All Shipping fees (to & from) are not refundable.
Q: Can used items be returned?
A: Used items that are covered under MFG warranty can be returned. The shipping to & from is not refundable. Used items that are not warrantied can not be returned.
Q: Does Hendry’s do installations?
A: We do NOT do any installations.
Q: Do shipped items require purchasing shipping insurance?
A: All shipped items are insured at no additional costs. Items must be inspected upon arrival & all damages or shortages noted at the time of delivery. If notations are not made, the freight carriers will not honor the claims. 
Q: What happens if an item is damaged or missing in transit?
A: If there are  any damages or missing items, it is the recipient’s responsibility to inspect the packaging & note shortages or damages before signing for it no matter the circumstances. If no such notations are made the claim will not be approved & no refunds or replacements will be given. Most of the time the damages can be fixed with minor effort or touch up paint, in the rare case the item has been damaged beyond simple repair, a claim will be filed with the carrier for professional repair costs or replacement.
Q: Are quantity discounts available or wholesale pricing available?
A: Shipping discounts per item start at a quantity at 2 or more when they are available to ship from the same location. Quantity & wholesale discounts usually start at 5 or more pieces. 
Q: Does Hendry’s buy or trade in factory take-off parts?
A: We do buy some factory pull off parts including wheels, tires, bumpers, beds, etc. Inspection is needed before an offer can be made. If you are not local the shipping involved usually kills any deal on the purchase of factory parts unless it is a big quantity.
Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: If you ship your product to somewhere in Texas you have to pay tax on it. If you pick up your item you have to pay tax on it. Tax Resale information can be submitted to make your purchase tax exempt if applicable. Ag exemption can not be accepted.